Civil Rights Victory in Hawaii

Hawaii gunnies mobilized and defeated a bill early out of the gate. This is particularly impressive in Hawaii, given that many gun owners reside on the Big Island, and a trip to the State Capital involves plane fare. I’m glad to hear this, because Hawaii’s shooting culture felt a lot more to me like Maryland than New Jersey or New York.

4 thoughts on “Civil Rights Victory in Hawaii”

  1. Indeed, but closer to Illinois than any other state in concealed carry. In theory by statute people carrying around valuables can get them, but according to the GAO Hawaii has exactly 0 permits outstanding. That’s worse than SF, which e.g. last year issued exactly one new one to a jeweler. Even NJ issues some thousands of licenses.

    A bit of time on the Internet says they have an “assault pistol” ban, a > 10 round magazine ban which extends to rifle magazines if there’s a pistol out there that can use them (loosely enforced), permits required to buy guns, and total registration of guns and ammo. “Safe storage” and “absolute” liability unless stolen and reported quickly. Hmmm, sounds worse than Illinois overall, depending on how it’s all enforced.

    1. Aren’t we glad that people’s lives aren’t considered a ‘valuable’?

  2. Speaking of New Jersey, it may not be to early to start witting to the governor and asking him to replace Sen. Menendez with a second amendment supporter, in the event that the whole underage hooker scandal forces him from office. If Christie wants to run for president in four years he will need to beef up his conservative credentials, and this would be a huge opportunity for him.

    1. Is there a pro-gun Republican in the state with the stature to win reelection in 2014? Being appointed is generally a negative, so some of the best in terms of the latter might decline.

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