Cuomo’s Approval Rating Plummets

According to Jammie Wearing Fools, via Instapundit. I seem to recall the rate of Democratic gun ownership was 17% when polled, which makes you wonder if the 15 point drop is just coincidentally close. Polls now show that even liberal gun owners would defy draconian gun bans:

Breaking down the numbers by political affiliation also provided some interesting insight into the attitudes of Americans. In all, 70 percent of Republicans and 68 percent of self-identified conservatives would refuse to hand over their weapons. More surprisingly, perhaps, were the figures for those on the left: According to the survey, more than half of Democrats and almost 60 percent of self-styled liberals would defy any potential gun ban.

This was a toxic issue for the Democrats just a few months ago, and now they all think it’s a winner. Looking at the polling, it still looks pretty toxic to me.

4 Responses to “Cuomo’s Approval Rating Plummets”

  1. jerry says:

    “Polls now show that even liberal gun owners would defy draconian gun bans”, while still voting for the politicians who enact them.

    • Harold says:

      That remains to be seen … except for the minor detail that it doesn’t sound like there’s much difference between the two parties in NY State. Then again, as I understand it no state is more welcoming of 3rd parties, and the old Upstate/Downstate balance was shattered when ACORN set up their own (people can run under the nominations of more than one party, so I assume most of them were/are also Democrats).

  2. Pyrotek85 says:

    Well that’s not surprising. I mean, who likes being blamed for something they didn’t do?