Making it Big Time?

When people are coming up for words to describe the linking experience.   I am happy just to be able to drive traffic someone’s way.  It’s satisfying after a while of people sending it my way.  I’m not sure how I feel about “Flake-a-launch” though.  Maybe “Seb-a-launch” or perhaps “Snow-a-launch.”   Though perhaps flake is appropriate ;)

6 thoughts on “Making it Big Time?”

  1. How about “guano loco.”

    Batshit crazy.

    That’s what my traffic did last Friday.

    Thanks, sir.

  2. Hellstorm.

    Snowflakes-in-Hellstorm. Or Hellstorm-of-Snowflakes.

    Avalanche of Snowflakes in Hell. Or Blizzard/Flurry of Snowflakes in Hell.

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