Gun Control March

I have been looking for true crowd shots to verify the media claims that thousands packed DC to call for more gun control. The closest I can find is one from NBC that shows a few hundred at most.

Interestingly, the organizers are trying to say that it was a completely grassroots event, yet it had the backing of the Obama Administration with the presence of a Cabinet member who spoke.

I also find it notable that for political purposes, it seems rather silly to have hosted their march the day after the March for Life which really does draw thousands to march on DC. Of course, I won’t interrupt the anti-gunners in their attempts to make their own numbers look even smaller than they really are.

7 thoughts on “Gun Control March”

  1. Tens of thousands for the March for Life. If you gauge interest in issues purely by the numbers of demonstrators, there are far more interested in curtailing abortion than curtailing gun rights.

    1. Correction: Official counts at 500k plus at the March for Life yesterday from everywhere, not just from Obama blue states only.

  2. I am writing this comment from a bar that is possible ly the most pro gun enclave in DC. I guess the few ralliers that are here don’t see the nra wall hanging over the door.

  3. Two questions.

    Anyone else noticing the same guy in a blue and black jacket with a grey hat in all the pics of the march around the net?

    Also anyone even hear about this before hand, we all tend to watch them like hawks, and I don’t remember a peep about this.

  4. Yet another Astroturf “reasonable gun control” group fails, despite funding and organization from Bloomberg and Brady.

    For an event with a week’s notice in Minnesota, we had 1500+ show up in 10F weather.

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