Taking Some Time Off from Work

I have some carryover vacation from last year, five days to be exact, that I have to burn up before the end of March or lose it. For the next two weeks I’ll be taking Fridays and Mondays off, then for the last full week in March, a Friday off. I will try my best to not let this interrupt the normal blogging schedule, but needless to say I’m going to spend this time doing my best to reject my normal sleep/wake schedule by sleeping as much as possible.

I’m also not going to reject, outright, the notion of drinking during daylight hours during the periods when I have time off. This will either make blogging more interesting, or more hazardous. I will leave it to the reader to decide. But time not spent thinking about work is welcome, especially given the current circumstance of my work life being on the precipice of running out of cash to keep operating, which, sadly, includes running out of cash to continue paying my salary. Considering my strict “no pay, no work” policy, this is a disturbing possibility that could possibly be in my near future.

4 thoughts on “Taking Some Time Off from Work”

  1. Put up some ads on the blog.

    Also, there is no wrong time for a good beer, and the local breweries bottle some damn fine suds.

  2. I am happy your company allows you to carry over vacation time. Mine used to, but I ate, for the first time ever, 8 days from 2010. They changed the rules on December 18th and I missed the e mail. I basically would have had to make my last day the 18th. Never again. I have my whole time off scheduled already. Enjoy it, you earned it. I love taking those short week breaks. 3 day weeks are awesome!

  3. @Heather – I once made bacon-infused bourbon. It left much to be desired, so I don’t recommend it. Separately though, yes, they make everything better :)

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