If it saves …

… just one life?

7 Responses to “If it saves …”

  1. Ian Argent says:

    Too bad the people who use the “if it saves just one life” argument will not admit that firearms have any useful purpose (unlike, cars &c, when you bring those up.)

    They simply don’t acknowledge self-defense as a valid purpose.

  2. AZRon says:

    Not to mention that:

    1. Public transportation as a right is NOT affirmed in the Constitution.

    2. None of my firearms were bought with taxpayer money.

  3. Other Steve says:

    I think we should ban them!

    There is no chance in hell more criminals use guns than use the NYC Subway system.

  4. Brad says:

    I caught that story about the NY subway system too. Dang, who knew it was so dangerous and killed so many people? Perfect for my purpose.

    I used to argue that lightning strikes kill more people than so-called “assault weapons”. Now I can also use the example of the NY subway. The NY subway system kills more people than so-called “assault weapons”!

  5. Chas says:

    Obama said that if raping the Second Amendment saves one life it’s worth it. Yuck Fou Zero!

  6. Right Wing Wacko says:

    There should be background checks on everyone entering the subway system and a 5 day waiting period before purchasing a MetroCard!

    It’s for the Children!

    • Zermoid says:

      And don’t forget those evil assault vehicles that kill thousands every year either, ban them all!