I Second That

Uncle thinks that those of us who were quick to crucify Jim Zumbo ought to write Outdoor Life and tell him that they should give him his job back.  I heartily agree.  I would add one thing to that though.  I’d really like to see Jim use his homecoming article to educate hunters about the importance of gun rights.

I’m still working on my “Gun Control and Hunting Day”, but it’s slow coming with preparing to go on vacation next week, both at home and at work.  Real life sucks.   Well, at least until this weekend it will :)

5 thoughts on “I Second That”

  1. Without penance, apologies (especially apologies from ‘journalists’ whose incomes depend on those apologies) are just words. A free hunting trip with Ted Nugent isn’t penance. This loser wanted to get my guns taken away FOREVER. The least he could do is to go without a paycheck for a while- a year for every time an antigun campaign or politician uses his words in support of an antigun agenda, maybe.

  2. Zumbo (based on tones of BOTH apologies) is not sorry he said it — he’s sorry that intelligent gun owners think he’s stupid — and don’t want him to have a public forum any longer for that stupidity. (If not stupid, he was lying — it tests credibility in the extreme to think he didn’t know, among other things, that you could hunt varmint with .223 Rem. !!!) But who cares even that.

    ZUMBO TRASHED GUN OWNERS IN THE WORST WAY — a way HE HAD TO KNOW WOULD BE USED AGAINST US. Zumbo says: “My error should not be used, as it has been in recent days by our common enemies, in an effort to dangerously erode our right to keep and bear arms.”

    ZUMBO CALLS US TERRORISTS’ GUNS owners — what the heck would any halfway intelligent person think the gun-banners would do ?? !!! Stupid !!

    The people who want him back are typical — no matter what wrong one committs, just give a half-hearted apology and the softheaded types soak it up. RUSH is right!

    Keep him off the printed page and the air (radio – TV)!!!

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