Quote of the Day: Shrill Gun Control Advocates Edition

Our favorite Brady Board member writes:

The emotion about the Sandy Hook school shooting is exactly what is driving the movement to change our current gun laws so that more parents won’t send their children to school in the morning and get a call that their child is one that didn’t make it home that afternoon. That’s emotion. The emotion felt by those families was felt by the entire country. If the protesters who showed up on Saturday don’t or can’t feel that emotion, what is wrong with them? Their emotion is all about fear and paranoia that is fueled by the NRA lobbyists.

This represents something the gun control faithful won’t accept and truly don’t understand, it represents why their can’t really be any “national conversation.” We all want to make sure our children are well protected. We all felt awful in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre. To think that every protester that showed up as some kind of uncaring monster is exactly the kind of attitude that makes having a conversation impossible. We are not monsters. We care just the same for our families as you care for yours, we just have vastly different philosophies on how they are best to be protected. That’s a wide gulf, to be sure, but it’s not one so wide that people on the other side can smugly declare that they are the only ones who care about children.

11 Responses to “Quote of the Day: Shrill Gun Control Advocates Edition”

  1. Chas says:

    “Their emotion is all about fear and paranoia that is fueled by the NRA lobbyists.”

    Yeah, we oppose more gun control because “NRA lobbyists” put emotion control chips in our heads. I personally have never even seen an “NRA lobbyist”. Apparently, that term is used so often by the mindless antis, in such a knee-jerk fashion, that they use it even when it doesn’t apply. I could see them trying to use it regarding the behavior of politicians, but ordinary average folks who never get a visit from any kind of lobbyist ever? The anti’s really need to take off their tinfoil hats; the crazy is leaking through.

    • Harold says:

      This sounds like a case of projection, “fear and paranoia” sure seems to be a good description of what’s driving this subset of gun grabbers.

      • BiffSarin says:

        Well, the anti’s are right about the “Fear” part, but It’s not the NRA that’s driving it. It’s people like Cuomo, Bloomberg, Feinstein and the Grand Wizard…Obama. I’m sure that the people in New York State don’t think they were being paranoid. Seems that Cuomo validated their fears in spades. If it can happen there and in California, then there are a lot of states that could wake up tomorrow with their constitutional rights further infringed by a Tyrant just like Cuomo…or Obama. We don’t need the NRA to “gin up fear”, we just need to turn on the TV and watch an Obama speech.

    • Thirdpower says:

      I have met an ‘NRA Lobbyist’. He’s a friend of mine. No horns or tail present.

  2. Patrick H says:

    When we have legislators and politicians calling for confiscation, when laws like NY’s are passed- its not paranoia. Its truth.

    Talking with people on Twitter, its amazing how smug and mean the opposition is. I try to debate reasonably, they call me names (or report me to my work!!). They say I hate children, hate people, am insane.

    How can we have a “conversation” with that?

  3. Stephen says:

    I wanted to go post a response on her blog, as a father of a 1st grader, but I hate to comment on something I haven’t read all the way through and reading an entire 2500 word post of her’s is just plain torture. Maybe after work and after a couple of beers …

    • GMC70 says:

      Don’t bother. You can’t rationally argue with crazy. And Joan is crazy. And she does not tolerate dissent on her site, at least not for long.

      At least she admits that this agenda of pointless regulation, limitation, and eventual confiscation is driven entirely by emotional responses to tragedy. She further admits that the anti-rights cultists need to strike while emotions are high – if we all step back, take a deep breath, and rationally think through the various gun control proposals, most will not pass.

      Actual facts are not on their side. They know that. They NEED emotion to overcome facts.

      As Ben Shapiro rightly put it, the anti-rights cultists are truly standing on the graves of children to pass their own agenda – and an agenda not even reasonably related to preventing the kind of tragedies that happened in Newtown or Aurora. Even the president’s own proposals recognize that ultimately the only way to stop an evil person with a gun is a good person with a gun (of course, when the NRA proposes armed security in school, they’re “fanatics;” When the President proposes it, it’s “reasonable”).

      Anti-rights cultists, to be blunt, aren’t in this to protect schoolchildren. They are using the blood of schoolchildren to advance their own agenda. They are so blinded by their ideoligical agenda, however, that they can’t see that.

      Rightous fervor has a way of blinding people caught up in it (and yes, sometimes that happens to our side too; the 2nd Am., like the others, is not an absolute).

  4. Roberta X says:

    Like arguing with a duck.

  5. Ryan says:

    You know, I’d always suspected I didn’t actually care about my kids…It’s nice of this woman to tell me straight out. Must have been my imagination, that knee-jerk impulse to pull my oldest out of school the day of Sandy Hook…being pro-gun, I was of course not really affected. And has anyone ever pointed out to her that the “NRA lobby” is, you know, a membership funded organization that we, you know, PAY to be a part of? That they represent us because we want them to?