Maryland Shall Issue Needs Help

Maryland is next:

The Maryland Legislature is being asked to consider a broad range of gun control proposals. The Governor claims he will have an easy road to banning anything he determines to be an “Assault Weapon” and to force fingerprinting and registration of all buyers in the state. He will ban magazines holding more than ten rounds and force expensive training requirements on those who would purchase and own firearms.

The goal in Maryland is simple: make the ownership and use of firearms so expensive and so onerous that people will not bother to exercise their right. Gun Controller’s in this state look to take a big bite today, and then continue to chip away at our rights every chance they get. Their goal is the eventual destruction of the right through implementation of impractical laws, expensive training and onerous regulation. O’Malley wants to eventually force you to turn in your guns, just like they will in New York.

You can follow Maryland Shall Issue here. Let’s hold them at New York.

6 thoughts on “Maryland Shall Issue Needs Help”

  1. This is the same crap being floated in several states. It has to come out of a model law draft from the Legal Community Against Violence or similar outfit.

  2. Right now, every sportsmen or constitutionalists needs to put on the full court press in their home state. The people of NY and MD elected these people and it’s their fight to fight. We have our own fight here in PA that will have to be fought soon enough.

    1. Everyone’s home state should come first but if you can spare it we can use the help here in MD.

    2. Perhaps.

      There is this impression that gun owners in places like Maryland are failed voters. We are not. We are living in a place that has cooked the electoral books for so long that one-party rule is the way of life, and where a few politicians can do great damage.

      Pointing fingers and saying that, “you people need to learn to vote” is not helpful to us or even yourself. Even those who live in a state that claims to be be “Constitutional Carry” needs to understand that your lifestyle is not afforded to you by right. It is afforded you by the generous nature of a legislature. They still control you.

      Laws put forward in NY, CA and MD are models for other places. Given time, any legislature can change. If we allow this to happen in one place, it can carry over.

      The idea that “each state is its own island” is a little like looking at the battles of WWII as a collection of “tiny wars”. It ignores the totality of the challenge and makes people outside those skirmishes more comfortable than they should feel.

      The gun owners who live in places like MD tend to be involved at a level that few people in the so-called “free states” will entertain. I don’t like to hear about people looking down their noses at us. Understand that we are fighting for all of you. Places once deemed safe are now being restricted slowly, and might actually end up going the wrong way. See: Pennsylvania

      It could happen to you.

      One way to stop it from happening in PA is to stop it in MD, CA, NY and elsewhere. PA politicos will not take the chance at upsetting you if the politicos of MD could not make it happen.

      Anyway, enjoy your privilege today. I will continue to work to make sure it becomes a true right, for you and for me, regardless of border.

  3. Here in NY, all ammunition sales will have to go through registered ammunition sellers by next year. That sets us up for enforceable ammo restrictions limited only by the antis abusive imaginations.
    One restriction leads to another. A ban on private sales will be unenforceable without universal registration, which will enable bans, and will be followed necessarily by confiscation “to enforce the ban”.
    My choice is to suffer such indignities as the law imposes on me. My hope is that others can avoid that choice.

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