Tab Clearing: Cause It’s Monday Edition

News is building up, once again:

A survivor of Tiananmen square on gun rights.

A way to foil ground penetrating radar? Could be handy if you live in New York.

A tale of two cities. Richard Fernandez’s guest poster sees the gun control fight as boiling down, essentially, to a battle between a Rousseauian “general will” vision for America, and the civic minded republican individualism of our founders so admired and observed by Alexis de Tocqueville. Very much worth your time.

I saw some people here suggesting that NRA use Jessie Duff as a spokesperson for the cause. Well, here you go.

Demographic change undermining the gun control movement. See also this.

Lighting money on fire. This is a tax credit idea I could get behind. If prices drop back down, it’ll help me trade up. Don’t think of it as a voluntary buyback so much as a tax credit for gun collectors.

How many kids had a choice in writing letter asking Obama to ban guns?

The problem with public research on gun violence that Obama wants us to pay for.

Gun sales rise in Pennsylvania.

How to crush dumb gun control arguments.

Obama’s tired gun control schemes won’t make children, or the rest of us, any safer. By Chris and Jeff Knox.

Chris Christie sets up a “task force” and suggests one of NRA’s ads is reprehensible. Now sure how he thinks he’s going to win a Republican primary at this rate. There’s also this.

One Response to “Tab Clearing: Cause It’s Monday Edition”

  1. Rob Crawford says:

    As Rush has suggested, Christie is running for president in 2016, and needs to get to the left of Hillary.