What Can People Do To Help New York?

Have friends and relatives up there? Agree to be safe storage for their contraband items until such time as we can free New York and bring it back to America. Donate to SAF and NRA, because they are going to be filing lawsuits against this eventually. Most importantly, join the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association. I just joined, and I’ll help folks in the Empire State any way I can from here.

23 thoughts on “What Can People Do To Help New York?”

  1. Good idea, I had already sent SAF yet another donation this morning. I just joined NYSRPA.

    1. I can vouch they are a decent state association. They aren’t quite the well oiled machine ISRA has become, but they make an effort. I’d certainly recommend them over the PRPA.

      1. If they were decent IMHO they wouldn’t have allowed this to occur.They would have been out in front of this like in Illinois.

        That being said, and solely out of respect for you, I will join. But I pray they will rally quickly. Court fees are expensive.

        1. For a lot of reasons New York isn’t in the same position as Illinois. The other problem is that they did all this behind closed doors with the governor having declared an “emergency” which allows all the normal safeguards to be bypassed. That this was going to happen came out Friday, and by Monday the deal was cut. There wasn’t really time to mobilize everyone, and New York is a harder state to mobilize than Illinois.

          1. Here’s one reason: a much more gross disparity in population. Upstate New York is notoriously underpopulated, the rest of Illinois not so. A little time with Wikipedia and a spreadsheet gave me this:

            NYC, Long Island, Weschester, and Rockland: 17 million people. NY State total, 19.5, so the former is 87% of the state.

            Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake and Will: 8 million people. Illinois state total, 13, the former is 62% of the state.

        2. I’d also note that they did get flooded with calls in New York… the lawmakers just chose to ignore them. Sometimes you can convince them the error of their ways. Sometimes you have to go whole hog and beat them at the polls when they fuck you.

  2. Thanks for your support, Sebastian. The “Free NY Resistance Movement” will certainly need all the help we can get from the outside.

  3. In WWII we sent guns to defend British homes. Maybe it’s time to send post hole diggers and PVC to NY?

    1. Right now we really need magazines that hold 7-10 rounds! And bulk ammo. Maybe you guys could do an air drop? Please?!?

  4. I offered to pay the FFL fee if my friends in New York agree to pay for shipping and insurance on any of their firearms. I, of course, will return them the moment it is legal to do so.

  5. Remember, you can hold their mags for them, but you can’t hold their guns unless they’re transferred properly through an FFL.

    1. Hmmm … what’s the legal reality for going hunting in another state and lending someone one of your guns?

      Hmmm, as I remember gunsmith has to put a gun on his books if he keeps it overnight.

      1. Unless a new ruling has come down since the last time I looked that up for a client, ATF doesn’t view that as a transfer. All you are doing in loaning the gun that way is allowing posession of what’s still your property.

        Of course, I would avoid doing this without checking local laws, regulations, etc. in a state like NY because they may have a different rule at the state level.

        Also, don’t try lending the gun to someone in the state they live in and then leaving it on a long term loan–you would quickly dive into the gray and perhaps emerge on the other side. Either way, you want to avoid gray areas wherever ATF is involved.

        1. Agreed on your latter point … but perhaps this is a job for Cosmoline? I hear it’s a total pain to remove if it’s allowed to dry.

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