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There’s some rumor going around the Internet that Wal-Mart isn’t planning on ordering more ammo, and plans to exist the business after running out of current stock. Extranos Alley links to a CNS News piece in that regard. Wal-Mart is denying it. We have the manufacturers largely too scared to join in with the Administration on anything. Now they seem to be identifying certain retailers as the weak link, and Wal-Mart, because they’ve cooperated with Bloomberg before, seems like a ripe target. I’m not going to suggest any of them are actively planning to sell us out, but if it happens, keep a close eye on where they are opening new stores. If suddenly you start to see new stores opening in cities, like New York and Chicago, where they’ve had issues getting the right permits and zoning, you’ll know what kickback they were promised. It’s the Chicago way.

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  1. If this were really happening, you wouldn’t have heard about it from an Alex Jones type internet page like WND or CNS. And if your Wal Mart, do you screw over and risk the certain loss of business from very good current customers on the hope that you might pick up some inkling of business in cities that 1) dont want you and 2) dont have a customer base inclined to shop at your stores (inner cities do, but I don’t think Wal Mart is targeting inner city retail where costs are high – from security to product loss to real estate to liability and/or union / workforce issues and theres little opportunity for profit. Wal mart wants to go to areas where there is a viable economic base to begin with and they can snap up the existing business).

  2. Read this last night. Rumor was floating on some conservative blogs I read. Was hoping it was unsubstantiated. Trial balloon perhaps?

  3. FYI-
    I called the corporate office at 800-925-6278 as per the link which was floating around, and the representative who answered said that wal-mart had put orders on “hold” while they evaluated the effect of pending legislation. I told them that i would not buy anything at walmart AGAIN!
    I went over to my Walmart to see for myself, and all the 9mm, .22lr (weird!), 223rem were sold out. I bought the last two boxes of .40s&w. I also bought my week’s worth of groceries.

    Hopefully they will start carrying ammunition again, even if it is with a background check. The feds will increase the cost of ammunition by increasing the paperwork and cost of compliance with new laws and regulations, much as they are doing/have done to the delivery of medical services.

    btw- i really enjoy reading your blog!

  4. It would take an INCREDIBLE deal to get Wal Mart to sacrifice their core consumers in exchange for a few stores in a Blue Hell. The unions are just too stuck in their ways in those areas, loss from theft and vandalism is too high, they’d likely be hit with mandate after mandate…

    1. Have watched WalMart over a number of years, they place their stores in a area where they have a expected flow of customers. In Albuquerque NM, stores were about 10 miles apart.
      Not only is official line but local reality that demand has far exceeded supply, especially on ammo. All of the local sporting goods and gun stores are having the same bare shelves problem.

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