Gun Control in Connecticut

You get one shot. That’s it. Back to 1776 with you! They really are keeping up the nonsensical charade they aren’t out to take our guns. It’s really quite comical at this point.

17 Responses to “Gun Control in Connecticut”

  1. Pyrotek85 says:

    Hey, it’s not a ban as long as we can keep something, right?

    • Brad says:

      Believe it or not, that is exactly the position of the Colorado Supreme Court when they upheld the Denver ban on so-called “assault weapons”, despite the fact the Colorado constitution had a RKBA provision. The Court claiming anything less than a total ban on all firearms would not violate the constitution; that ruling effectively nullifying the Colorado constitution RKBA.

  2. Nathaniel says:

    This one really outrages me. It’s also a really stupid move, because it can easily be used to crystallize support among even fence-sitting gun owners who don’t own AR-15s. There are a LOT of moderate folks with a pump shotgun or revolver who we can now tell about this bill. They’ll understand that they’re in the crosshairs even if they don’t own scary-looking black rifles.

    I found

    …and have been sending it to everyone I know. Takes two minutes and sends emails to everyone. As Arnold said, DO IT!

  3. Ish says:

    So, what holster is recommended for a 12-pound Napoleon?

  4. Eck! says:

    Humph, the one site was the twit crap of CSGV and on the right was their meme of “imagine a future free of gun violence”. The problem is I will have to continuing to imagine it as there is nowhere that is true. But hey, in my imagination I don’t need a gun or anything else to defend myself as I have superior mojo and magical powers as I wear a white hat.

    They ain’t real, them are true believers.


  5. Old NFO says:

    They are throwing EVERYTHING out there and hoping something will stick… I’d be looking to see what ‘other’ bills are also being proposed that aren’t getting any press…

  6. Arnie says:

    Sunday at 2 pm Central: ABC News just played Audio of Chuck Schumer calling on all gun retailers to voluntarily halt sales of scary-looking guns, because he doesn’t think they have the votes to ban them. Is this a ploy? If not, it seems deliciously desperate!
    – Arnie

  7. Divemedic says:

    Actually, that law is worded poorly. It says: “…any gun except one made to fire a single round…”
    That means a disposable, nonreloadable gun in my mind. It could also mean a firearm that must be manually reloaded after each shot, or it could mean a firearm that only fires one round per pull of the trigger. Second Amendment claims notwithstanding, that makes this law unconstitutionally vague.

    • Sebastian says:

      Yeah… true. But during this fight I’m trying not to help the other side learn how to write better legislation. We’ve benefitted greatly from their ignorance and inability to properly define terms.

      • Matt says:

        I’ve never understood that, Sebastian. Not that I want to give them ideas either but learning the technical aspects of firearms is not difficult and a little hands-on experience goes a long way. The most effective debaters are often ones who’ve spent time in the company of the other side. I swear on this issue these people are from Krypton and guns or the mere sight of them is Kryptonite.

        It’s almost like they pride themselves on ignorance and ideology over facts. Could you imagine how much harder it could me if they ever managed to understand the basics and apply them? I think part of the reason is even if they choose to understand, it would make their task much harder.

      • Brad says:

        I agree.

  8. AndyN says:

    I’m perfectly fine with this, as long as all the lobbying material written to support it are printed on a manual printing press and distributed by riders on horseback.

  9. Brad says:

    Does anyone know if that legislation is core to current anti-gun efforts in Connecticut? IOW are they serious?

    Or is the legislation one of the typical slush-pile efforts? Something written by the kooks which is then politely ignored by the grown-ups in the legislature?

  10. Well, that still leaves one round to take out the governor of Connecticut…

    And sorry, a 1 round gun limit, is to me a line that needs to be crossed. Yes, such a law should be a 3% mark IMHO.

    Thankfully, at this time, there is NO WAY IN HELL that law will be passed.

    In fact, I wager that law will never be passed. If there is support for a 1 round gun only law, there is likely support for a ban and confiscation law.

    • Honestly, I think we’ve got a big fight. But when politicians propose laws as stupid as the “1 round gun”, it’s actually helpful to our cause. Because joe average is even capable of realizing it’s a totally unrealistic and silly proposal.

      At the same time, it stirs people up and helps motivate our side to action.

      ( I must confess, I am almost half surprised that we haven’t seen a call to ban ANY BLACK FIREARM….)