Filed Gun Bills in Congress

John Richardson has a list of bills that have been filed. Remember that not every bill filed in the Congress has a future, and some of these are introduced in Congress after Congress. Bobby Rush is particularly fond of introducing bad gun control bills that go no where each session. We don’t know which bills will get legs and start moving. The thing to watch for is committee hearing, and as we’ve noticed in Illinois, they can come fast and hard, and without much notice. Stay tuned to your friendly neighborhood gun blogs for updates. My days of taking weekends off from blogging completely are probably over for a while, but John Richardson is very good at keeping tabs on happenings as well, and SayUncle is our Aggregator-in-Chief.

8 thoughts on “Filed Gun Bills in Congress”

  1. FWIW these Bills exist on THOMAS, but the text is not online yet.

    Note the trailing colon, change the number to view the other bills.

    The last magazine ban was only 4 pages so make sure you read the bills and understand them! The media won’t be any help in interpreting these.

    1. Don’t wait for it to get moving. I’ve been calling my Rep and two Senate Critters once a week. The Rep gets it and his staff thank me for the encouragement to stand firm. Alexander’s office says he will oppose anything, but I’m waiting to see results. Corker’s office only gives me general statements about supporting the Second Amendment, so I remind them that the longer they wait to take a firm position, the weaker and more useless he seems.

      You have to keep after these critters. The good ones need constant encouragement and the wimpy ones need to be whipped back in line.

  2. Im all in. How can i help, where can i find petitions that i can get people to sign in defense of the 2nd ?

    1. Write you lawmakers. Get everyone else to write lawmakers. Petitions don’t honestly mean much because it takes little effort. Letters make more of a difference. In this order: Visit personally, fax, e-mail, call, formal written letter. Formal written letters used to be the best, but that changed with the Anthrax scare, and now it take forever to get snail mail through.

  3. Here are some interesting links to the House Bills that have been proposed with some Reps like Jim Moran (VA), Sheila Jackson Lee (TX) and of course none other than the great Carolyn McCarthy (NY).

    We need to call, email, fax, contact in any way, shape or form your Senators and US Reps. I have called and emailed Casey and Toomey here in PA. Also have contacted US Rep. Fitzpatrick who is not in my district but in an adjoining district to mine( my US Rep is F rated so no point in contacting her.)

    1. I notice that McCarthy (spit!) has two bills proposed that would ban private firearms sales. I strongly suspect that this is the goal they are going to push the most as a “compromise” for the Republicans, and will eventually offer to drop as much out of the other bills as they have to in order to get enough R’s to vote for it in order to look “reasonable”.

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