Second Attack in Illinois

I’m told that the Chicago machine is preparing a second round of fighting in lame duck session, this time in the Illinois House when it reconvenes Sunday at 5PM. Here we go again folks. Light em up!

UPDATE: Given that this will be a weekend, I’d strongly recommend driving to Springfield and meeting with lawmakers. A personal visit is the most impactful, and when you combine that with phones ringing off the hook, it sends a message.

5 thoughts on “Second Attack in Illinois”

  1. So what’s your opinion on calling ahead vs just showing up? And will you be a me to see anyone or just your representatives?

    1. I’d call ahead to make sure legislative staff will be there. Tell them you’re coming to Springfield and would like to talk to your rep, or if that is impossible a staffer who can relay the substance of the conservation.

  2. Rep Acevedo just tacked on a amendment to SB 2899


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    1. This also includes an emergency procurement process for the ISP to buy a system capable of handling all the registrations it called for. Something that Todd Vandermyde specifically mentioned in his testimony.

  3. Sorry linking issues. It’s magazine and cal ban version without range restrictions this time. Trying to go thru the house this time then back to the senate if successful.

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