Great Article About Lobbying

Kudos to the Arizona Republic for taking time to actually understand the issue of lobbying, and write a pretty good article on it. It details the kind of work that goes into passing legislation. This is the kind of attitude you gain from victories, and confidence:

He said he doesn’t consider this year’s legislative defeats as failures.

“We are perfectly willing to encounter a defeat and learn from it and learn who our friends are and aren’t and what we need to change to make the bill go through,” Heller said. “We’re willing to be defeated if it moves us forward.”

Rathner said they learned from Brewer’s vetoes, saying the groups will try to craft bills next session that are more specific. He said the lobbyists will work closely with Brewer’s staff to develop something she can sign.

It’s not a defeat, just a temporary setback. The other side used to speak in this manner, but you don’t hear them singing that tune any longer. They can even get their bills heard, let alone far enough along to actually be defeated or vetoed.

5 thoughts on “Great Article About Lobbying”

  1. Jacob,

    You don’t think a similar approach would be beneficial elsewhere?

    The only things missing from the article was a mention of ASRPA, that much of our “gun lobby” consists of active voters, and grass roots efforts at the precinct level.

  2. No. AZ does not have serious problems and they are able to get their way largely by just showing up and having a rational discussion on the issues. That simply does not work in many municipalities in this country.

  3. Rational political discussion in Arizona? You must not watch much news.

    There isn’t anything magical going on in Arizona. Just a steady push back since the early nineties.

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