Culver Says He’ll Sign

The Governor has released a press statement saying he’s going to sign the Iowa shall-issue bill. It’s scheduled for April 29th. We’re very glad to hear the Governor has decided to sign.

2 Responses to “Culver Says He’ll Sign”

  1. Dave says:

    Now we just need to work on NJ….

  2. larry weeks says:

    Really sad that if I hadn’t heard it as an aside in our weekly new products meeting, your blog would have been the first place I found out about something happening 60 miles down the road. AND, we have a very active member of Iowa Carry who works here! Oh well, just glad it’s going to be signed, we were afraid he’d just let it sit until the deadline passed. I’ll have to read the Des Moines “Red Star” and look for predictions of blood in the streets. Oh yeah, thanks for keeping all of us up on what’s going on around the country!


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