UFO Sightings in Texas

Apparently dozens of towns in Texas reported a UFO sighting:

The reported sightings have become a catalyst on blogs and in chat rooms, triggering scientific and philosophical debates, religious inquiries, conspiracy charges and bad Texas jokes.

“It’s amazing how this has taken on an international profile,” said Kenneth Cherry, president of the Texas chapter of the Mutual UFO Network. “I’ve had calls from Japanese and British newspapers. I’m supposed to be doing ‘Larry King Live’ on Friday.”

All this thanks to reports of a strange, silent object over Stephenville, Texas, a town about 70 miles southwest of Ft. Worth.

No word yet on whether Jennifer W. Stein, PA CeaseFire Board Member and UFO researcher, was seen packing her car to head to the Lone Star State to investigate.

4 thoughts on “UFO Sightings in Texas”

  1. It shouldn’t take a small Texas town with a few dozen witnesses to trigger scientific and philosophical questions, debates and inquiries. These things are happening all over the world on nearly a daily basis, the UK has been in the midst of a well-documented UFO flap for months. So has Mexico and Australia and Costa Rica and . . . .

  2. Twenty five years ago the sightings were of a strange black frisbee looking thing that flew very quietly. Those were sightings of the experimental stealth F-117. I wonder what the Air Force is testing now?

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