Other Loons Looking for their 15 Minutes

A shooter set a fire in upstate New York to lure first responders into a trap. You know, there are folks out there who say there’s no copycat effect, but the loons sure do seem to come out of the woodwork one right after another.

Glenn Reynolds thinks it’s a copycat too, and recommends a book on the copycat effect.

3 thoughts on “Other Loons Looking for their 15 Minutes”

  1. The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle is reporting that the shooter was a 62-y.o. ex-con. He served 17 years for beating his 92-y.o. grandmother to death with a hammer.


    While no local paper is reporting exactly what firearm was used, the VPC is going with a rumor from the UK’s Daily Mail that it was “an assault rife”. But how would that be possible given NY has restrictions and the shooter was a prohibited person. Hmm.

    1. Was allowed to plead to manslaughter, and according to the AP left “a note pledging to burn down his neighborhood and ‘do what I like doing best, killing people‘”. Another example where the authorities failed to do their job, they have better ways to buy votes and anarcho-tyranny of course works best in a locality that restricts gun ownership and concealed carry.

      AP also reports “Police recovered a military-style .223-caliber semiautomatic Bushmaster rifle with flash suppression, the same make and caliber weapon used…” in the Newtown shooting; they don’t know that he used it at the moment but surmise it from the distances (he also had a shotgun and at least one handgun).

      I seem to recall that NY also has an AW ban….

  2. In both instances, several laws were broken. These laws do not address the real issue and no law concerning arms can. I find it interesting that NYS and Conn are ranked #4 and #5 respectively by the brady campaign.

    Yes there is an AWB in NYS…


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