Illustrating the Term “Idiot Box”

In our holiday travels, I’ve had the opportunity to watch local news in two metro areas that have reduced Wayne LaPierre’s entire speech and NRA’s entire proposed school security program down to the “good guys with a gun” quote.

At first, one might assume that this is because the hostile mainstream media just wants to make NRA look like they only thing they are capable of saying is “more guns!” I don’t think that is true though, or at least I don’t believe that it is the primary motivation.

Watching the rest of these news programs, I was struck by just how much they dumb down all content. I was once told by a lawyer that when speaking to a jury, they shouldn’t speak above about a 5th grade level. I got the impression that the news producers were working with the same advice.

Vacuous would be a generous term for what I have seen in the way of local news programming, and I think that Wayne’s attempts to play the folksy sound bite game actually backfired. It made NRA look like they aren’t thinking above the demonstrable intelligence level of the local anchors – and that isn’t saying much.

8 Responses to “Illustrating the Term “Idiot Box””

  1. Bram says:

    Pratt gave Piers Morgan a sound thrashing while simply advocating freedom. It certainly compares very favorably to the meandering nonsense of the NRA.

  2. Alex Europa says:

    I was watching Faux News this morning (at the parents house) and when the topic of “good guy with a gun” came up, one of the Democratic talking heads actually used the “example” of Ft. Hood as if he imagines that we all run around base strapped to the hilt like Rambo. That didn’t surprise me; what pissed me off was that none of the talking heads pointed out that military installations are also Gun Free Zones. Sigh…

  3. Asdf says:

    Wayne should never have even commented at all. Any response by the NRA can only be seen as an admission of culpability. Sure, silence can be taken the same way, but at least they won’t have the footage they need to make a dick out of you….

  4. I would say that almost the best discussion point was “good guys with a gun”. The rest of it apart from take foreign aid funding and use it to pay for armed guards is naming possible causative problems.

  5. Chas says:

    If Obama’s kids are good enough to have the “qualified armed security” that Wayne called for, in the form of armed Secret Service agents at Sidwell Friends, then liberal America can have no objection to the rest of the kids in America having armed protection too. The liberals just don’t have a leg to stand on in opposing it, unless Obama decides to let his kids go without armed protection, and even Obama isn’t that big a douchebag.
    There is no argument against Wayne‘s call for “qualified armed security”. None, zero, zip, nada! The libs will dismiss it, ignore it, howl about it, sneer at it and refuse to do it, but they have no argument against it when their own man Obama supports it for his own kids.
    The President is setting an example on this issue that we should all follow. Our kids should have qualified armed security to protect them too. Maybe that would be just a school administrator or teacher with a gun, but we should follow our Commander-in-Chief’s lead on this one. Thank You, Mr. President, for setting such a good example for the nation!

    • Harold says:

      Before the added Secret Service protection the school has 11 guards, many who are armed police.

      • Maria says:

        Another example that there are those who are worth protecting, then there are the rest of us.