My Apologies if My Previous Post Sounded Glum

Did I sound a bit down in this post? I will admit to being a bit exhausted. I was up until past 3AM last night, because I spent all day following things that were coming in, talking to people on the phone, and getting my club into the fight, and various other things. That meant I had to make up time for work from after dinner into the wee hours. I was up early this morning just from poor sleep. Today will be a bit easier. Daily Pundit takes a look at the polling, and while it’s shifted a lot more than I’m comfortable with, it’s not time to preemptively give up… and I certainly wasn’t trying to say it was. At the same time I do try to be realistic about what we’re up against, though perhaps I should not do it out loud :)

3 thoughts on “My Apologies if My Previous Post Sounded Glum”

  1. Sebastian, given the full-court press the gun-grabbers instituted within minutes of the news breaking, (and the pathetic lack of response from too many 2A supporters worried about propriety) it shouldn’t be a surprise that the confiscation crowd ran the darned football right down to the ten yard line before the defense even took the field.

    But look at all the advances we made even when national sentiment (according to a CBS poll I don’t trust worth a damn in the first place – look at how they cooked the question about semi-autos) was stronger against us than it is today in the wake of Newtown.

    Let me see what a poll of likely voters will say. That’s the one the pols will actually be concerned with. We already know that polls of “all Americans” skew considerably more to the left than do those of actual voters. And it is actual voter who determines political fates, and the pols know this full well.

    The NRA may not be publicly taking the field in public, but I hope they’re working the phones like hell in the background. I have my problems on occasion with the NRA – I let my membership lapse and joined GOA instead – but as a lobbying outfit, I don’t think there are many better.

  2. You’ve been pretty consistently glum; that posting might be a peak, but as I’ve commented elsewhere I think you’d do us at least a lot of good if you could change the tone of your postings without changing the facts.

    If you’re a speed reader (and even if you aren’t), I highly recommend Churchill’s histories of WWII (although note he couldn’t mention Ultra); the first two are most relevant: The Gathering Storm and Their Finest Hour (note there are a zillion printings of this, you might find better used bargains indexed elsewhere on Amazon).

  3. I think everyone is disheartened at this point.
    Its bad enough as a Parent to see all those young lives lost.
    It is gut wrenching.
    Then the gun control crowd starts wanting to limit your rights, not realizing they are selling their own rights down the river too.
    I am sure we will be seeing some form of AWB bill that will pass the Senate.
    Hopefully the House will stop it(I have my doubts).
    If it is stopped I bet an Executive Order is Tried.
    I hope I am wrong and cooler heads prevail
    If not it will be an up hill battle to get our Rights back through challenges to Federal courts

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