Great Article on the State of the Gun Culture

From Patrick Jonsson of the Christian Science Monitor. It’s a very realistic and very fair look at both sides of the debate. While fair and realistic can be boring sometimes, I think he takes a look at things to a deep enough degree to really grasp the depth and breadth of the gun culture, including the parts people don’t expect, like the transplant from New York to North Carolina, who is passionate about gun rights, to the native North Carolinian who is fairly ambivalent about guns.

Give it a read.

5 thoughts on “Great Article on the State of the Gun Culture”

  1. It’s about my town, Garner, NC. Funny, the Mayor didn’t tell me about it even though I was spearheading the opposition to the no guns in Parks legislation they eventually passed.

  2. Last page, a couple of paragraphs from the end. They parrot the Brady “study” that says 1% of NC permit holders are evil murderers (which we have seen was complete BS). But yeah, otherwise it’s pretty good coverage.

  3. Another error: Florida was not the first shall-issue state. Washington was the first shall-issue state, in 1961.

    Also, Wyoming is now Vermont-carry? When did that happen?

  4. We have seen the enemy and it is us:

    On this day, two moms, Barbara Frickman and Angela Reeves, are arriving with their strollers and toddlers to see Mortimer, Garner’s famed groundhog. Both question North Carolina’s new guns-in-parks law, but then acknowledge that they, too, have concealed-weapons permits.

    “Around kids, guns are scary, but jogging on the greenway at night? That’s a different story,” says Ms. Frickman.

    Guns around kids? OMG!

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