Whitlock Fakes Backpaddling, Then Doubles Down

In his latest column, he admits to being “inarticulate” and “off message,” suggesting he was tired when he said the NRA is the new KKK, but basically does not apologize for the remark, and even doubles down:

We can’t see this or even have a discussion about it because the propaganda-political-lobby-machine, the NRA, has hoodwinked America into believing handguns make us safer. The NRA, like the KKK, has brainwashed us through fear and division.

We had a discussion about guns, and your side lost. Furthermore, when you insult NRA, you insult its members as well. When you suggest we’re dupes, you’re calling us weak minded fools who can’t think for ourselves and who blindingly believe and accept everything NRA says or does. When you say “NRA capitalizes on and promotes racial fears and ignorance,” how are you not saying NRA members are ignorant racists.

You’re standing by what you said, Jason Whitlock. It’s still condescending and offensive. You weren’t inarticulate or off message. You let the world know what you really believed, and what you believe is that NRA members are racist, ignorant dupes. That shows your own ignorance more than it does ours.

9 Responses to “Whitlock Fakes Backpaddling, Then Doubles Down”

  1. Alpha Dog says:

    The problem is they don’t go far enough for fear of losing their street cred. If they were worried about a ‘culture’ effecting the youth, they should worry about the Thug Culture that promotes the idea that it’s OK to be a monumental douchbag, treat women like crap, and to think of fear as ‘respect’. Guns are just a tool that thugs use to help implement their thugishness.

  2. New Chris says:

    Apparently we have all been brainwashed by the KKK… I’m not sure how I missed that.

    “Fear and division” Mr. Whitlock… really, do I even need to point it out?

  3. Dannytheman says:

    Whitlock is reveling in the fame. I had never heard of him until Costas made his idiotic remarks. Now I have hear that he thinks my membership in NRA along with my 4+ million fellow members, make me an ignorant racist?

    His 15 minutes are just about up. Just keep telling them the truth, they lost, we’ve won and there is a new sheriff in town. It is not racists and understand how the constitution works and grows. How many times do we have to hear that the 2nd amendment is obsolete? Yet they just gloss over the first?

    He is only helping to attempt to disarm a nation, a nation built on gun freedoms to be able to respond to tyranny, which may now unfortunately happen in our lifetime.

  4. motomed says:

    Two things that I have told many people this week.

    The backlash against costas isn’t proof of a lack of conversation, as so many have tried to tell me, but is proof that the conversation is alive and well. People are engaged and speaking clearly on the issue.

    Second, there is nothing more racist than jumping at the chance to try and make a large black man who loses his temper the face of gun owners, as costas and many others have tried to do this week.

  5. Archer says:

    “NRA capitalizes and promotes racial fears and ignorance.”


    But it’s racist to point out the NAACP – an organization built entirely around racial divides – does EXACTLY THAT.

    (Disclaimer: The NAACP has, in fact, done a lot of good work over the years. However, their core focus group was and continues to be “African-Americans”, and they tend to ignore all other racial, ethnic, or religious minorities – except when convenient. But it’s racist to point that out, too.)

  6. Sigivald says:

    I wonder what he thinks he’s referring to with “fear and division”?

    I’ve never seen the NRA try to create or maintain a division, other than perhaps that of “people who commit violent crimes” and “everyone else” … a division I don’t think most of us have much problem with.

    (This reminds me, tangentially, of the blather I’ve seen from Progressive friends on Facebook echoing “those mean Republicans are trying to manipulate everyone with fearmongering!” … never noticing the irony that that’s damn near all I ever see from Progressives; fearmongering about the Other Side and their Nefarious Plans.

    I hate cheap psychologizing, but at some point you have to think it starts to look a lot like projection – and if it’s not, it’s high-level irony.

    When the good guys do nothing but wail about how the Other is wicked and dangerous and must be stopped at all costs, that’s not fearmongering, after all. It’s good citizenship!)

  7. Rob Crawford says:

    You know who manipulates ignorance and fear? People who cite the KKK as a modern issue.

    When was the last Klan rally that wasn’t outnumbered by their opponents?

  8. ofdijg says:

    Yeah and it’s a sure thing that the ATF appreciates and takes to heart all the criticisms that are submitted to it. They’re so open minded.

  9. Windy Wilson says:

    I’m not sure we can say we’ve won, just yet, not with the BATF working out regulations to ban ammo — no lead projectiles for environmental reasons, approved because there are lead substitutes, then no non-lead projectiles because they penetrate body armor.

    If Whitlock wants to compare the NRA to some organization whose strategy is sowing fear and division, he might look to the Committee to Stop Gun Violence, or even the Democrat party. It is hard to see past your own blinders. November’s Harper’s Magazine had an article about election fraud, and managed to compress the 1960 Chicago problems, Lyndon Johnson’s elections in Texas in the 40’s, questions about Loretta Sanchez’s eletions in California, and the 2008 voter intimidation accusations into a single sentence about “it happening on both sides.” all the examples with specifics, though, were alleged against Republican candidates.