The Ignorance As Expressed by the Denver Post

I always love it when the media gets all high and mighty on subjects they know nothing about. Such is an example here in the Denver Post:

Oh, please. The president doesn’t enact anything. Congress does. And therewouldbe a political downside for members of Congress if they were to go too far on gun control — a huge downside, as it happens, given existing public opinion supporting the right to own guns.

The President is empowered by the Gun Control Act to do a lot of things, and in their ignorance, the Denver Post seriously underestimates what could be accomplished. For one, the legality of importation of firearms into this country is entirely dependent on it being suitable for “sporting purposes.” Currently, importation guidelines are a matter of ATF policy, and not even regulation (the not-so-well known point system). This could be changed on a whim, banning an extremely large array of popular firearms overnight.

Hell, the Post even ignores, or is ignorant of the fact that Bloomberg presented a gift wrapped blueprint for ways to screw gun owners. Some of these changes, if enacted, could turn many gun owners into instant felons overnight, without them being aware.

So I suggest to the Denver Post that they relieve their ignorance, or at least check with an expert, before laughing at the quaintness and ignorance of gun owners and the NRA. In this case we know exactly what we’re worried about, and it’s actually you who are the ignoramuses.

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  1. And we’re still living under G. H. W. Bush’s assault rifle import ban, which makes me a little more sympathetic towards H&K (which also has to live with German weapons export regulations).

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