The Collectivist Blame Game

Jim Geraghty has noticed what most of us have been dealing with forever any time we have contact with activists in the gun control movement: they collectively place the blame for every act of horrific violence at our feet as if we’re the people cause such violence:

Okay, once and for all: Enough with this ‘we’re all to blame, we must all struggle to prevent tragedy’ bullcrap. Because none of us had anything to do with the actions of Jovan Belcher. You and I and every other reader of this newsletter and about 99.999 percent of the American people prevent these sorts of tragedies every day . . . by not committing them, and by never seriously contemplating considering them. We are not all ticking time bombs, one stressful day away from committing mass murder. If we were, civilization would collapse.

The rant continues. I encourage you to read the whole thing, and sign up for the Morning Jolt (Note: NR will hit you with some e-mail ads every once in a while, but not nearly often enough to be obnoxious.). Geraghty also notes this kind of collectivist blame is a common theme in Obama’s rhetoric, noting “Now we see what ‘never waste a crisis’ means: never let any horrific act go unattributed to your political foes.”

2 Responses to “The Collectivist Blame Game”

  1. alanstorm says:

    We are not all ticking time bombs, one stressful day away from committing mass murder.

    That’s the problem. The leftists believe themselves to BE just such time bombs, thus they do not trust themselves with weapons, and thus (since they are, one and all, shining examples of good and kind and wonderful people) no one should be trusted with them.

    • Zermoid says:

      If we were like them, being that we are armed, there would be less of ‘them’ in pretty short order, would there not?

      Pity we aren’t the loose cannon killing machines they try to make us out to be…….