3 thoughts on “Honoring our Dead With Russian Rifles?”

  1. If their web site is correct and up to date, service grade M1 Garands are available through CMP for as little as $625 each. The cost of fixing this problem wouldn’t even register as a rounding error in most state budgets.

  2. When they laid my uncle George to rest (retired Navy), they fired 1903A3 Springfields that they kept just for that purpose.

  3. Better plan. The Gov says, “Hey, we have no money. We can’t afford to fund this. Rather than look like fools, let’s have the unorganized militia show up with any rifle ever used by US Military Forces. We live in a country where anyone can own a military grade rifle, or at least the semi-auto version of one. Let’s leverage that freedom to celebrate the lives of those who lost their lives protecting that freedom. Let them be buried to the resounding cracks of rifles fired by the very citizens that they protected. So bring your AR15’s, your M1A’s, your 1903 Springfields. I’ll bet someone even has some Civil War era rifles. Bring some blanks, or if we have to, use a safe backstop. Let’s give them a rousing sendoff worthy of a free nation!”

    Then we watch the anti-gunners twitch.

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