The Obvious

Sometimes, it’s just better left unsaid.

A car crashed into a South Jersey bar Thursday morning, leaving one man dead, two others seriously injured — including a man celebrating his birthday — and thousands in the area without power for a few hours. …

Investigators believe alcohol was involved in the crash that left passenger, 33-year-old Kevin Botta of Somers Point, dead.

Really? They only believe that alcohol was involved? What was the first clue? The fact that the driver ran into a building? Or the fact that the building he ran into was a bar?

It just gets weirder.

The crash also sent a fire hydrant flying through the air, hitting 26-year-old Joseph Higbee of Northfield who was standing outside of the bar. He was at the bar to celebrate his birthday.

“The fire hydrant actually went over close to a city block,” said Fire Chief Michael Sweeney.

Just wow. Remember, the car hit a fire hydrant hard enough to send it flying for nearly a block and hit a man. Investigators only believe alcohol may have been involved.

4 thoughts on “The Obvious”

  1. It’s unkind, but I’m going to say it. Who’ll give me odds that he ends up with less time in the clink that Brian Aitken was looking at. For what I would classify as at *least* deliberate indifference to human life.

    Not that MADD has the answer, either, mind you.

  2. Hey know you go rushing to think it was Alcohol.

    IT could have been toyota Camry

  3. They should register those fire hydrants. I will bet they were bought out of state at a Fire Hydrant Loop Hole Show. Let’s not punish the criminal drunk driver, because everyone knows that is is the lack of Fire Hydrant control that is the problem

  4. The most important question is what kind of car was it? Was it an assault car? Did it have an extra large gas tank? Was it modified to be able to kill faster? Did it have any sort of extra grip materials on the steering wheel to make it easier to swerve into pedestrians? Does the car have a “silencer” aka ‘muffler’ that allowed it to sneak upon and kill the pedestrians quietly?
    Is the car a “Saturday night cruiser”? Who sold the car to the driver? Was the car stolen or purchased on the black market or through a ‘loop-hole’? Is it the same kind of car smuggled into Mexico? Shouldn’t we just ban cars to prevent senseless car death?

    Why don’t they ask these ‘important’ questions?

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