5 thoughts on “Finger Behind the Trigger?”

  1. It was such a good idea that the original source was removed within 2 hours of the link appearing at booksbikesboomsticks.

    1. It’s not entirely dumb; see my comments on booksbikesboomsticks (original are gone with the article), it is trying to address a very real problem, it just fails at doing so while increasing the risk of the #1 problem.

  2. Better solution would be to have a manual safety on the Glock, they do it for govt’s that request it, why not offer it to all?

    Only way I’d ever own one……..

    1. Not necessarily. There’s a legitimate school of thought that holds that manual safeties are “death levers” as one of my instructors put it, i.e. if you forget to take it off you may die. It’s one of the reasons the Glock became so big, it functioned like a revolver, pull the trigger and it fires. I’m sure a striker fired handgun is more reliable in the field and cheaper (see below).

      Also, who absolutely trusts a safety? Or at least for the safety to be on when you really need it to be?

      One of them would significantly decrease the probability of an AD/ND, but only an external hammer with your thumb on it can act as the final fail-safe.

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