Reasonable Regulations

SayUncle points to the Brady release that “striking down the District of Columbia’s handgun law is judicial activism at its worst.”

So let me get this straight, you guys don’t want to ban guns, you only want “reasonable regulations” on firearms. But getting rid of DCs near total prohibition on firearms is “judicial activism at its worst”?

If DCs gun ban is a reasonable regulation, then I’ll proudly be unreasonable.

2 thoughts on “Reasonable Regulations”

  1. As the Bradys almost always do when supporting handgun bans, note how they strive to avoid mentioning that it’s a handgun ban that they are supporting.

  2. Of course, they only support self-determination when it suits their cause. God forbid that some small county/town in America try to overcome federal law and legalize machine guns (or whatever). The Bradyites would freak out and demand that the town/county obey federal law and ignore its right to self-determination.

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