3 thoughts on “Ouch”

  1. Needs rails on the side. For mounting bayonets and spikes.

    Spikes on Picatinny rails? I’ll be RICH!

  2. Somebody’s been watching too much Legend of The Galactic Heroes…

    I guess you’re supposed to swing it by holding on to the barrel? Anyone who tried to use it would quickly find out why axe handles are thick and oval instead of small and round.

    1. One of my cousins has an axe that has a big pipe as a handle…so roundness might not be a problem. But then, it’s not exactly *small* and round, though.

      I’d hate to try to fire a rifle that has been used as an axe, with the barrel as a handle, unless the barrel was specifically designed to handle the forces involved. I’d expect the barrel to be bent, and who knows what would happen after that!

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