Stocks Rally on Election Outcome

Believe it or not, I don’t actually get excited by this news.

I saw an awful lot of reasonable folks on Twitter last night talking about how they are going to the gun store to stock up or just getting a gun for the household. These aren’t crazy or bad people, they are just concerned about the continued state of the economy and how, should the well of other people’s money dry up, there could be a rising crime rate. They are also concerned about the future of the courts and how many gun control laws are coming now that Obama doesn’t have to be accountable to voters anymore.

So, yeah. Still, it says what it says. The folks investing in these companies are in it to make money, and they clearly see at least a short-term future for making money in guns. (h/t to Peter for the tip to look up the stock prices)

3 thoughts on “Stocks Rally on Election Outcome”

  1. As someone that has both the above stocks in his portfolio, neither has really gained that much. They have mostly returned to the highs they had a month or so ago before they started to fall when it looked like Romney might win.

    1. Agreed. I have both in my portfolio (although not vast numbers of shares), and they are at a point where the temptation is to sell them, even though they will be subject to short-term capital gains rates — but likely by the time they are long-term, there will be no long-term capital gains tax rate advantage.

  2. One selfish reason I didn’t want Obama to win was the run on guns and ammo that’s going to happen now. My preferred AR maker is already behind on guns and even some parts (bolt carriers mostly). Its only going to get worse. It’ll be at least a year before things settle down.

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