The Louisiana Victory

The ballot measure adding a firm RKBA provision to Louisiana’s constitution has passed handily, with 75% support. Dave Hardy notes, “With ‘shall-issue having succeeded everywhere it’s likely to, and some places where it wasn’t likely, this may be the next wave.”

I think it needs to be, because the likelihood Heller and McDonald are overturned is much higher now than it was yesterday. In addition to getting stronger protection at the state level, we need to grease the machine for a Federal Amendment should the Supreme Court remove the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights. I think Pennsylvania would be a worthy state to try this in, because to be honest, I think gun rights is politically doomed in Pennsylvania if we don’t have strong protection from the Courts.

UPDATE: For those who want to know, our process is that an Amendment must be passed in two consecutive sessions of the legislature, and then voted in the affirmative by the people.

9 thoughts on “The Louisiana Victory”

      1. I just renewed my Utah. Process wasn’t too bad to get either. I’m also thinking about getting the Florida as well, since it does offer a few more states.

  1. Look into Virginia’s Out-of -State CHPs. Heard you can do it online, and they cover a lot.

  2. Its sad that we already have such a strong gun rights clause in our state Constitution, and it still doesn’t help. I agree, adding a strict scrutiny to the clause would be very helpful.

  3. The republicans control the PA state govt still do they not? I would think there is little an AG could do without legislative and executive support.

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