Remind Me Never to Really Piss off Linoge

The truth about The Truth About Guns, or the 95 Theses against Robert Farago. Get a drink and pull up a chair. It’s long reading. In truth, I’m with Bob Owens in that I don’t mind the occasional lifted photo or post. I’m more concerned about boorish behavior toward people like Emily Miller and Alan Gura, and the general lack of ethics and sensationalism. Like I said before, many of us took to blogging in order to start a conversation without having to deal with that nonsense.

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  1. It has been said that I am, on occasion, over-thorough in my efforts. I only disagree to the point that if you are going to be thorough, you might as well be as thorough as you can :).

    The sad thing about this situation is almost everyone with even the barest glimmer of an ethical standard can find something Farago did that is likely to piss them off…

    Thanks for the link!

  2. I agree with you: Farago’s asinine behavior toward Miller and Gura are concerning.

    Otherwise I found Linoge’s post to be…weak beer, shall we say?

    Farago claims that he didn’t understand fair use. Okay, got it. Probably shouldn’t known that before starting your second blog; shame on Farago.

    Linoge then launches several attacks on places where Farago’s blog posted stuff they shouldn’t have after the ‘fair use’ issue had apparently been sorted….but Farago apparently removed that stuff. Hard to keep a full head of moral indignation over that. E.g.,

    Regarding “Mikeb30200” — I’ve no doubt he’s on the payroll. Just as Alan Colmes was on Hannity’s payroll to play the weak leftist whose token opposition is so lame that it just serves to fan the fires of the faithful. Farago’s trying to make a buck on the subject. I’ve no doubt that Mike drives traffic and posts to the website.

    In the end, I disagree with your headline: I’m not too worried about pissing off Linoge. His post was boring, and didn’t bring up anything shocking about Farago. It certainly didn’t convince me to stop surfing there for the occasional entertaining post that does go up over there.

    1. …but Farago apparently removed that stuff.

      Only not. The copyrighted material was only removed in two of the six violations noted, both before and after his non-existent revelation.

      1. +1, my IP is still there, as are many of the other contested items.

        Farago is a thief. And like most thieves he claims to be on the right side of things, but makes no effort to actually make that TRUE.

  3. Farago’s claims to not understand fair use’s boundaries were always horse manure. He explicitly claimed definitions of “fair use” that were utter BS and clearly false. He continued his behavior long after being corrected on his false statement of what he could do under “fair use”.

    Farago is boorish at the most charitable, but unrepentantly so. I think we should put his fantasy of a boycott into reality.

    1. As someone who believes that copyrights and patents restrict the free flow of ideas, I can’t help but feel indifferent about “stealing” other people’s work–although, being steeped in the cultures of mathematics and “hackerdom”, I also have a strong ethos that you do your best to credit other people, when you can, for the ideas that you build on. Misattribution, or even downright plagiarism, is icky, even if it shouldn’t be illegal.

      Having said that, I find Farago’s harassment of Alan Gura and Emily Miller to be *highly* objectionable; to me, his disrespect for original sources go hand in hand with this harassment: it shows he doesn’t have respect for fellow 2nd Amendment Proponents.

  4. To me it’s just Farago’s schtick, and doesn’t bother me much. That said, I skip the majority of his posts in favor of Nick Leghorn, Chris Dumm and others who actually pass along interesting information about guns and shooting. Those guys make TTAG more than worthwhile on their own.

    Really, Farago’s personal sharing makes me wince a lot more than any of his sensationalism or traffic-whoring snark.

      1. Okay, just finished the Linoge post. Like I said, I had been getting the idea that Farago was a little off, but damn. He really is a dick.

      2. Yeah, funny how that happens to be kind of a one way street. If a fellow is a perfect gentleman in public but an ass in private, than he is an ass. But if he is a fine and gentle fellow at home, but makes a schtick of being a jerk in public…

        Then he is a jerk. That’s just the way it works!

  5. Unfortunate. I have learned a lot at TTAG, but it’s not worth supporting that kind of operation.

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