I was sitting in a chair in the hotel where the NRA Board Meeting is being held, and heard David E. Young joking “I guess they let bloggers in here.”

I looked over to see who was with him, and it’s Alan Gura! Looks like he’ll be at the Presidents Reception. The fun thing is so will Bitter and I.

UPDATE: Talked to Alan Gura for like 15 minutes about various cases! Cool! He called me Sebastian, so he’s at least an occasional reader. The second amendment is in good hands. All the scholars including the blogosphere’s own Dave Hardy were recognized for their contributions to Heller.

4 thoughts on “Fun”

  1. While you are there can you ask them why the NRA does not have PR commercials on the Broadcast Networks like CBS, NBC and ABC ? I for one would like others to see the good things the NRA does !

  2. Gura’s going to be doing another tour of the law schools next semester, presumably when his schedule in Chicago eases up. We invited him down last year (before he argued heller) to debate various lefty con law professors. He did really well.

    I really wish my legal career was 10 years further along so that I could be participating in this instead of cheering from the sidelines.

  3. Gibcity,

    Speaking as a PR person who would like to see NRA do more, I can tell you that’s not an effective use of dollars. It’s not targeted, it’s too expensive, and if they bought enough ads to actually hit enough people who either are members needing to be informed or people open to joining, they wouldn’t have any money left to have these great programs.

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