Emily Miller Discovers D.C. Transport Laws

D.C.’s transport laws are absurd, as is detailed by Emily Miller of the Washington Times, and definitely outside the laws in most states, but it might be surprising to know that Pennsylvania’s transport laws for handguns aren’t any different. The only difference is a License to Carry (from any state) is a blanket exception to our transport laws, and those are readily issued to anyone who asks for one and can legally possess a handgun.

Emily Miller, now that she’s become a gun owner, is figuring out that there are some elements of society that want her to be put in prison for a long time, with people who are really violent, all for making common mistakes that ordinary people make all the time, like running out of gas, or forgetting to go to the bathroom before leaving the house. OK for ordinary people to do, but not gun owners. Not in our Nation’s Capital.

6 thoughts on “Emily Miller Discovers D.C. Transport Laws”

  1. It is conceivable that anti-gun kooks and/or anti-rights officials have been embarrassed by the series of articles Ms. Miller has written. It is conceivable they wish to extract revenge upon her. It is conceivable they would attempt to discredit her and all gun owners by falsely accusing her of misuse of her gun, including calling a cop on her for illegal transport, just for fun.

    So I find it commendable that she has documented publicly her express desire and strong attempt to transport her firearm correctly, legally, and safely despite the existing maze of laws and conflicting information. I hope she never has to refer to this article in front of a judge.

    1. Perhaps we need an “Emily Miller” writing in New Jersey too. And another in Chicago.

      The average person in Free America doesn’t know just how bad things are behind enemy lines.

    2. Let’s throw in New York City, and New York State for that matter, into the mix. And Hawaii, California, and Massachusetts, too!

      Just for comparison, someone should then write up what it takes to do all this stuff in Arizona, Alaska, Utah, Idaho, Texas, Pennsylvania, Montana, and other states where some freedoms are actually recognized.

  2. Exactly why I fled to PA from NJ as soon as I could!

    Another thing I’ve never understood in PA is the “Sportsmans Firearm Permit”, why does anyone waste the money to get one?

    All it does is let you carry openly while hunting, something you can do already without the “Permit”. So what exactly is the purpose of it other than to make money?

    Get a CWP and not have to unload the pistol everytime you get into your vehicle!

  3. When I lived on Long Island and shot in a gallery league on Monday nights I would dutifully pack up and lock my “Gun Ho” box with guns, ammo , mags and scope and go directly to the range without stopping as the pistol permit warned me to do. New York has similar laws about transport as does DC.

    One night the owner of the range, retired NYPD, questioned why I was not carrying one of my guns concealed on my belt ready to use defensively. I had no answer as he explained that I was walking around with a box full of nice handguns that some dirtbag could easily obtain with a knife as I had no means of defense. Made sense to me.

    From then on I followed his advice.

    Forcing folks like Emily to have a locked unloaded gun in their possession makes them an easy target for dirtbags, and she has something of value they want!!!

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