Greetings to all the GPRCers

Gun Rights Policy Conference, put on by the Second Amendment Foundation, is in Florida this year, in the Orlando Airport Hyatt. One of these days I’ll make a GRPC, but these days I don’t have as much spare money to fly all over the place for the gun issue. One day I will go.

Miguel is there, and has an excellent illustration to show just how ridiculous Florida’s application of the law in this instance can be. Also at GRPC this year? Sounds like Robb, Joe Huffman, Dave Hardy, and John Richardson are also attending. I offer my regrets, but perhaps next year (which I say every year).

2 thoughts on “Greetings to all the GPRCers”

  1. I agree with Miguel on how ridiculous it is. If I were carrying I’d feel like I was in a minefield of legal and prohibited areas.

    BTW Miguel and I made a TV report on Mark O’Mara’s talk to the GRPC. Or at least the back of our heads did! Of course, the only thing the TV stations were interested in out of the whole conference was the 30 minutes or so that Mark O’Mara spoke.

  2. I went for the first time this year and if you are into the RKBA at all, you have to make it at least once. The amount of information and resources is incredible. Imagine being able to talk one on one with some of the brightest in the movement. You come away with an understanding of what is happening that you will never get from print.

    PS I paid my own way so the budget was tight but, the whole thing was no more than $575 air fare $320 hotel $222 a book a few pins and a snack.

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