4 thoughts on “Alaska …”

  1. Did you use exterminators to remove the “infestation” of a MAIG?

    I hear you have to trap them since poison does not work. After all, they spout lies and venom on a daily basis, so how would poison stop them?

  2. We “trapped” them in ballot boxes. ;) I’m not as cynical as Chris about Begich. I recognize, and don’t approve of, his votes on Sotomayor and Kagan but neither were easy calls for him and he directly addressed his concerns about their positions on gun rights.

    Aside from those “advise and consent” votes he is a strong, proactive, pro-gun rights Senator, recall he introduced the Democratic counterpart nationwide reciprocity bill in the Senate. Unlike our “moderate” Republican Senator he actually pays more than lip service to gun rights issues and returns my emails with thoughtful responses, not boilerplate.

  3. The article has a link to the Brady Campaign scorecard. (http://www.bradycampaign.org/stategunlaws/scorecard/)
    It is wonderful to see almost the entire map red (their lowest rating) and only California green (their highest rating). I wonder what this map looked like 10-20 years ago. To bad they do not have an archive to show their ‘progress’.

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