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Spent most of today in the office today rearranging things to take this all into the final stretch, assuming we find some real-estate soon to put all this stuff. I felt bad ignoring the blog, but it didn’t take long to realize there was nothing to blog about anyway. Got caught up with other blogs pretty quickly, and looks like no one else has much to blog about either. It’s a real problem when you write about RKBA when no one is talking about it in public life. Let me rummage through and see what I have here.

I generally try not to pay great attention to polling numbers, because I think there’s a lot of tea leaf reading that goes on here on all sides. I’m skeptical they are rigged, however. I think there’s literally nothing to see here. I’d bet this is a fundraising scheme. If the person had been there, at the end they would have patched you through to someone who asked you to make a donation. If you answered Obama, or just stood there with a dumb look on your face, they probably would have dropped you eventually.

Speaking of polls, and why they aren’t to be trusted, we have this poll, which says 66% of Americans believe everyone should be required to pay some amount of income tax. From a post by Ilya Somin, we have a poll which shoes that 66% of Americans believe no one should pay more than 19%, and a whopping 88% believe no one should pay more than 29%. Now, if you think about cutting taxes on the wealthy to 29%, and especially 19%, while simultaneously raising taxes on the poor some modest amount, and how politically viable that is, you’ll understand why the gun control crowd’s reliance on polls to show their views are uncontroversial doesn’t hold any water with politicians who know better. People will tell pollsters anything. What matters is what happens when it’s time to make policy, and both sides rally, and the media prints and broadcasts, the bloggers blog, the forums forum, the pundits pundit, etc, etc. A poll on specific gun policy or tax policy doesn’t mean crap. Most people know next to nothing about both, including people who own guns and pay taxes.

5 thoughts on “Got Nothin”

  1. Totally unrelated to this, but I got a laugh out of the three text ads that just displayed on top of the home page.

    Be Libertarian With Me Democrats & Republicans Are Not The Answer, They Are The Problem.
    Support President Obama Show Your Support for Pres. Obama’s Agenda. Add Your Name Here!
    Gov. Grants – Free Money Receive Gov Grants To Pay Bills, Start A Business or Get Education

    One of these things is not like the others…

  2. How dare you tell the truth! It is true 9 out of 10 people are jackasses unable to think for themselves. Thar includes gun owners and taxpayers.
    They will take that other guy’s gun but not mine. I pay too much tax. Why doesn’t somebody do something?

  3. I lie to the polls all the time. Its part of my “make the media look even dumber” plan. We all should lie to them. The polls now are nothing but After-Action Reports on their outrageously partisan efforts to reelect Obama.

  4. But obama’s re-selection as president in 100% assured. It was so before he even got his first term as the elections are merely a show to give the illusion that you have a chouce.

    obama will win, handguns will be blanket illegal as well as ALL semi-auto rifles. Manditory registration of everything. by his 6th year. UK will look like a paradise for gun rights before obama is done.

    Then the country will collapse and either we will all become dependent on government or we’ll turn into something equivalent of that new show ‘Revolution’.

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