Salon Covers Crossroads of the West

Salon is not known for being a right-wing publication. If anything, they lean left. But I find this article about Crossroads of the West to be fairly balanced for a Main-Stream Media article. They do a pretty decent job of talking to both sides of the divide, and also being fair about describing the environment.

8 thoughts on “Salon Covers Crossroads of the West”

  1. And yes, Alan Korwin is that funny, engaging and knowledgeable in-person.

    And if you see him, ask him about his band, “The Cartridge Family”.

  2. Moving to Arizona was the best decision I made in life. I crossed paths with Alan Korwin once. He’s quite a character. I have two of his books.

  3. It was a balanced article for Salon, but the author still pushed Bloomberg’s agenda. I would appreciate it more if he noted the time-to-crime on Arizona guns, the facilitators of gun smuggling into Mexico, or how he had to interact with Phoenix P.D. to even enter the show. An interaction that probably discourages the criminal activity he’s concerned about.

  4. Why is there no article just a photo of some ratty-looking unshaven dude and a title “singleton”???

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