Fast & Furious OIG Report

It was released less than half an hour ago. Just out of curiosity, I opened it and did a search for two words: inaccurate and false. In case you’re now curious about my findings, the two returned a combined 178 hits.

That means they appear about every 2.5 pages.

Doesn’t Obama promise us the move transparent Administration ever? Somehow, I don’t think that quite works out.

One thought on “Fast & Furious OIG Report”

  1. Wonder how this can be made into a Romney “gaffe,” have we be told to bellyfeel that the OIG is wrongthink, yet? I’d be solo embarrassed if I showed up to the next open mic night at the organic co-op free range bookstore with out dated opinions, like that time I was for LGBT marriage when Obama was against it… or that time when I was against LGBT marriage after Dear Leader had “evolved.”

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