Representative Paul Clymer – Gambling Nazi

State Representative Paul Clymer, who wants to be everyone’s mom and dad, whether you asked for it or not, seems to have other pet issues that involve treating responsible adults in our Commonwealth like well cared for children:

Although Governor Rendell has signed legislation legalizing 61,000 slot machines in Pennsylvania, Clymer continues to lead an anti-gambling coalition in the Commonwealth. Made up of legislators, church, community and pro-family groups, the coalition seeks to have some oversight on casino gambling and is also working to repeal the gambling bill.

This is from his very own web site. OK folks, pay attention, because this will be one of those rare moments when I have something nice to say about Governor Rendell: he was right to loosen restrictions on gambling in Pennsylvania, not because they will pay for all the programs he wanted, or because they’ll pay for property tax relief. It’s clear now he was full of crap on that count. No, Governor Rendell was right to loosen restrictions on gambling because there’s no good reason for adults to be told how they can and can’t spend their own money. If the state can tax it and regulate it, why the hell not? Any extra money flowing into the treasury is welcome, and if people have a good time doing it, it’s a win win situation.

Representative Clymer should spend less time fighting Ed Rendell about how grown adults choose to spend their money and spend more time fighting Ed Rendell on his rampant tax and spend policies, his support for gun control, and support for a massive health care overhaul that will be damaging to businesses in the Commonwealth.

2 thoughts on “Representative Paul Clymer – Gambling Nazi”

  1. The preceding item and this one reveals that Clymer may be an R, but he sure as Hell isn’t politically conservative. At least, not in the constitutional sense.

    He sounds like someone who pays for secret spankings. He perhaps should mind his own damn business, he wouldn’t have time to mind business that isn’t his concern or right.

  2. What ever became of separation of church and state? Rep. Clymer wants to impose his myopic religious views on everyone and it clouds his political judgment. Not only does he want to dictate where you can spend your money, he wants to dictate what you can see, i.e. no naked women (Coyotes Show Club). Freedom of expression is dead in Rep. Clymer’s district. The best solution is not to reelect this clown in November.

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