Gun News from Down Under

From an Australian reader, in the comments:

Actually, there have been changes to the gun laws in Oz that could be called “weakening” if you squint the right way.

One example: Some states had a waiting period for both first gun purchase, AND subsequent purchases. Repeatedly pointing out the pointlessness of this resulted in the abolition of the waiting period for those that already held a firearms license.

“Further weakening” may include:
Any handgun with a bore larger than .38 was banned, except for Cowboy Action and Metallic Silhouette competitors – there are moves to repeal that, and allow up to .45 again for IPSC and IDPA.

If the “good reason” for possessing a particular firearm is competition in, say, Metallic Silhouette, you cannot use that firearm in any other competition (eg IPSC) and vice versa – there are moves to remove that restriction.

One other change – license applications are now lodged at the Post Office. This supposedly streamlines things. It didn’t, but it will. In general, the discretionary element available to police has been de facto reduced if not de jure.

Progress is progress, and that’s certainly good news, considering it likely greatly displeases a certain person who we should all enjoy displeasing. We tend to see most of the rest of the world heading away from gun rights, but at least for Canada and  Australia, it seems they are coming back a bit.

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  1. Oz used to be awesome…almost like it was the USA. If they (and or Canada) come back to reality, then it would seriously make me rethink “bug out land” and alternative citizenship.

    I guess it’s Canada that has better hunting, but it would be hard to argue with some of the coast and easily accessible southern hemisphere skiing in Oz.

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