A Decade is a Long Time To Blog

SayUncle is ten years old. I’ll be surprised if I can make it that long, at least with the blog in its current form. This has been more of a hobby for me, and to be honest, I think blogging the politics of the gun issue is a bit too audience limiting to grow readership much beyond where it’s at now. The future is probably writing about guns and shooting, especially considering all the people getting into shooting these days.

4 thoughts on “A Decade is a Long Time To Blog”

  1. I come here to get updates on the fight to restore gun rights to the whole country.

  2. Well, I have no current plans to quit or change format. I’d probably try to bring in more contributors before I hung it up.

  3. I blog as a safety measure. My blog functions as a pressure release valve, so I don’t vent spleen all over people in person.

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