Bradys: Trying to be Relevant

The Brady folks must be pretty desperate to try to remain relevant when the DNC has largely been focused on just about every other lefty issue that isn’t theirs, and they are begging the DNC to say something nice about their cause, and reminicing about the Clinton years when they could sit at the cool kids’ table.

Of course, the lack of attention to the gun issue plays both ways. For instance, I’m covering the conventions because there just isn’t any relevant gun news out there. All that’s coming across my Google Alerts and other sources are the dozen or so armed citizen stories I see per week. You know, the ones the Brady folks claim never happen*. I’ve made an editorial decision not to cover armed citizen stories unless there’s some unusual angle that makes for an interesting post. But I will say, I’d prefer to be on this side of things than theirs, where armed citizen stories are too banal to blog about, rather than begging to be relevant because my issue is as dead as Carrie Nation.

* Just in case the Brady supporters want to say I’m exaggerating about what I pass up. See here, here, here, here, and here. That’s just a few days worth. These gets picked up by local news outlets. You never see it picked up in national news. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

5 thoughts on “Bradys: Trying to be Relevant”

  1. Nathaniel, great site. I’ll be sure to link that in some of my comments to anti-gun op-eds.

  2. The governor of Montana just talked a little bit about guns, but not gun control.

  3. The Dems still don’t want to talk about it. Diane Feinstein is the drunk aunt that tells all the kids at the Christmas party how many “almost uncles” they’ve had in the last ten years. She just cannot control herself.

    But the undercurrent is definitely there. Just because they don’t like to make a big public deal of it doesn’t mean its not a serious goal. The fact it made their written platform speaks to their cause, and aligns Dems as the Party of No Gun Rights.

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