Schumer Thinks Bloomberg was Unfair to Obama on Guns

Schumer has been an anti-gun leader in the Senate for years, and he’s obviously playing the long game on guns, defending Obama against attacks on his gun record from Bloomberg,. The best chance the other side has of erasing the Second Amendment from the Constitution is to give Barack Obama a second term. I’m really surprised more of them aren’t seeing that.

2 thoughts on “Schumer Thinks Bloomberg was Unfair to Obama on Guns”

  1. supreme court. supreme court. supreme court. Even if your friends don’t share your passion for guns, ask them if for the next 25 years they want a supreme court with 5 obama appointed justices? really wish this issue was getting more attention this election. many of you are far too confident that your 2A rights are safe. you might as well start kissing them goodbye if obama wins. supreme court. supreme court. supreme court.

  2. Oh, Chuckie’s smart enough to realize that it’s better for the Disarming Movement to keep Obama in Power. He’s betting on the chance that one of the Conservative Supremes will Die or Retire during an Obama Second Term, and then a Democratic-Run Senate can give the Supreme Court the Edge the Uber-Liberals have been dying for. Heck, I bet you he’d be willing to lose the Majority if they could get one in between now and 2014. After all, the way the various VolksRepubliks have the deck stacked, he knows he and his 20 odd Liberal Cronies seats are safe, and you can’t remove a Supreme.

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