Anyone Watching the Convention?

I’m a cable cutter, so it’s hard for me, but I found Fox had the best HD feed over the Internet. The conventions are pure political theater, and they are meant to be, but political theater can have its place as long as you’re putting on a good show. I only saw part of Ann Romney’s speech, which was pretty good. She’s pretty polished as a public speaker, and the speech was well written. Chris Christie is better off the cuff, I think, than he is scripted. For a while I was concerned they put him up there to give a fluff speech with no meat in it. There was some meat, but more fluff than I think was suitable for his personality.

One thing is for sure, with the convention going on, there’s not going to be as much happening on the gun news front, but we’ll try to cover. Especially if the Republican manage to say something about guns at their convention. For once, all I really want from the GOP is a good Supreme Court justice to make the votes 6-3, so we can afford to lose a justice and still win.

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  1. I gave up on the GOP earlier this year, after being a Republican since 1986. I am now offically registered Libertarian and will be voting for Gary Johnson in November. I will NEVER vote for any politician who signed gun control legislation. The fact that the NRA is backing Mitt makes me sick. There are more than 2 candidates running for president, by choosing the lesser of two evils from the major parties the NRA in my opinion is doing a disservice to its members.

    1. So NRA endorses Gary Johnson, who can’t win, and we get another 4 years of Obama, where he’ll likely pick up the 5th vote to overturn Heller and McDonald. I don’t see how that would serve NRA members either.

      1. It depends on where you’re living. When it comes to the presidential race, unless you happen to reside in one of the small handful of swing states, there isn’t really a lot of risk of your protest vote affecting things one way or another. If you’re in Ohio or Florida, that’s one thing, but if you’re in Illinois or California, that’s quite another.

  2. It is very sickening how the GOP is changing the rules to prevent the states from putting forth their nominee Ron Paul. The GOP is also resorting to other dirty tricks (like cutting off the microphone while the Georgia delegation was announcing the votes for Ron Paul).

    I will never vote for these shameful liars.

    1. In which state did Ron Paul win a primary in order to justify him being put forth? From the WaPo:

      Grassroots activists and Paul supporters were fighting against rules that would require states to allocate delegates according to the statewide vote and would allow the RNC to change its rules without a full convention vote. Both, they said, would dilute the influence of grassroots activists.

      I’m not sure I like the idea of undermining the democratic nature of the primary system for the sake of a handful of “grassroots activists.” What this looks like to me is trying to adjust the rules to make it easier for a determined minority to seize control of the party apparatus. While it’s great to see libertarians with energy for playing the game, what the establishment is doing is part of the game too. I’d also be a lot more sympathetic if I actually liked Ron Paul, but as I’ve stated before, I think he’s a poor candidate for libertarians to rally around. That’s a sharp contrast to Gary Johnson, who I’ve always liked, but I wish he would have stayed in politics after his stint as Governor. As it is, he left public life for a while, and now he’s running third party where he has little chance of having any influence on the national stage.

      1. What this looks like to me is trying to adjust the rules to make it easier for a determined minority to seize control of the party apparatus

        When has a national organization ever voted to make it easier for anyone, determined or not, to make it easier to sieze control of the party apparatus?

        I beleive Jeff said it best:

        As Morton Blackwell noted last evening on Mark Levin’s radio program, there is a natural impulse from those in power to try to secure and consolidate that power — and in essence, that’s what the RNC and Mitt Romney, with the cynical and dishonorable aid of Speaker Boehner (who had literally to pretend to be deaf and blind), did yesterday with their rules changes, assuring that the national Party establishment can now effectively control, thanks to their power of the purse, the various state parties and their delegates. That is, they’ve established a top-down, crony system that will be run through a centralized national Party, and in so doing, have set up a system that neuters state challenges to its authority — voting themselves the right to use rule changes in between conventions as needed to manipulate various aspects of the nominating and primary processes.

        Remember, the more cynical you are about the political process the less you’ll be disappointed … sausage and all that.

  3. Christie was a bit restrained. Not a bad thing from a guy whose tendencies cause some people general concern, but boring because frankly I like him unhinged. This was him “Grown Up”.

    Christie is on the upswing and could end up in the Senate or running for President. He’s never been a friend of guns. We’ll see.

  4. Or you could just watch the live steams on google hangout or the live YouTube hd stream

  5. Now that the Primaries are over, the only thing I’m watching is Netflix and the Weather. And Football. Living in Ohio, I know I’m Voting Against Obama, so I’m holding my nose and and Giving Mitt my Vote. As for the Dog and Pony Shows that these Conventions are nowadays, my time is better spent cruising the Web.

    Trust me, if I could, I’d turn my phone off for a couple of Months. The “Do Not Call” List allows “Political Phone Calls,” and mine will probably be melting here in a few days.

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