Convention Center Boondoggle

Eric posts about a historic firehouse that’s being demolished in Philadelphia to make way for Ed & Mike’s Convention Mega Emporium.  It goes on to talk about the declining convention business.  Having just attended one of the larger conventions out there, I can’t imagine there are that many large events that make this kind of project a good investment.  Even after Philadelphia completes the expansion, I’d be doubtful that NRA would ever return of Philadelphia, given Mayor Nutter’s glowing love for the second amendment.  It’s hard to see how a city like Philadelphia can compete for convention business with a city like Las Vegas, or even a smaller city like Orlando.

3 thoughts on “Convention Center Boondoggle”

  1. If the NRA could find their ‘nads, they’d have their next convention in Rosemont Illinois and push it in Daleys’ nose.

  2. Can Rosemone handle a 66,000 person convention? NRA also has to select site based on gun laws too, since we can’t have exhibitors and floor attendees getting arrested.

  3. Aside from not having attendees arrested, it doesn’t look like the facility can hold the meeting. It’s smaller than Louisville, but it doesn’t look like it has facilities for the members meeting and other events that need to be on site.

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