A Challenge to Gun Control Advocates

From a Chicago Gang Member:

Chris said he’s confident he and his crew will always be one step ahead of the police. “You’ll never stop us from getting guns,” he said. “You feel me?”

The gang member also notes that enforcement of Illinois gun laws is an utter joke in Chicago. It is the same way in Philadelphia, where you can reasonably expect that if you’re caught with a gun nothing serious is going to happen to you, despite the fact that penalties range from 5 to 10 years in prison for people illegally in possession. It’s also worth noting a major source of crime guns, aside from straw purchasers, given that Chicago is a major national rail hub:

Another source of stolen guns is “the freights,” Chris said.

He was talking about the freight trains parked on easy-to-access rail yards on the South Side.

“You bust the lock,” he said. “Once you get in there, you may get the wrong thing. You may get shoes or something. You feel me? But you keep trying. We tried it before and we know what kind of containers they in. They’re carrying all type of handguns — in crates.”

Now stealing guns from trains will get you a federal rap of ten years on each count, and that’s just for stealing guns. I’m sure it’s also a felony to steal from trains. Makes you wonder if you nailed gang bangers on the gun charges, before they go on to commit crimes with guns, whether that would make a difference. One thing is for sure, they can’t be engaging in shootouts on the street, robberies, or other types of gang activities if they are behind bars.

Our opponents have been quick to believe if you enact gun laws like Chicago’s everywhere, this kind of thing will stop. That was roughly the same philosophy that lead to tough federal laws and stepped up enforcement of our drug laws, and we see how well that’s working.

4 thoughts on “A Challenge to Gun Control Advocates”

  1. I’m curious as to how they even FOUND a gangbanger to talk with…

  2. ” “You’ll never stop us from getting guns,” he said. “You feel me?” ”

    Ironically enough, this man has federal and state level regulation of commerce to thank for his plentiful supply of arms. Deregulation of the market would likely put a pinch on his business though.

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