Some of the Protesters

Keyboard and a .45 has a post about one of the protesters in Dallas yesterday:

Lamont Levels may have changed his ways. Lamont Levels may be actually helping kids stay out of the gangs and stay in school. For that he should be applauded. But for the Brady Bunch to parade him out in front of the cameras, with an unnecessary and poorly applied eye patch, wailing about evil guns, is a bunch of crap. Lamont knows that gang bangers do not obey the law. Lamont knows that the guns in the hands of the gangs were not legally purchased through an ffl, but either stolen or purchased on the black market. Lamont knows that no amount of gun control laws will control the criminals who use guns. And you know what? The Brady’s do to.

I agree.  It’s a good message to get kids to turn away from violence.  That Lamont has reformed himself and taken it upon himself to try to keep kids out of gangs is commendable, but I don’t get being big on toughening the laws that he wasn’t concerned about obeying at the time he was shot.