It’s totally not rational, but I started drooling when I saw this DRD Tactical Paratus Takedown Rifle over at The Firearm Blog. I’d actually prefer one in .223, rather than .308, but I’m most attracted to the take down feature, and its ability to fit in a small case for easy transport. I’m considerably less attracted to $5615 price tag. For that price, you might as well get the SBR version and pay the tax.

3 thoughts on “Want!”

  1. That is easily possible. For about $15-1600 my friend Bob at Templar will supply you a wonderfully accurate AR in .223 that has the removable barrel. He charges extra for the attache case.


    Tell him you were referred to him by his Deputy Assistant Shop Monkey, Sean.

  2. Arfcom had a series of newsletter articles about a year or two ago on the same idea. One of the points that they made was it was much easier with an SBR, or say, a 14.5″ barrel and a pinned and welded comp.

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